Sexy Heels Anyone?

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Anyone who knows me also knows that I have a passion for shoes! I love heels and sexy shoes and more importantly, I like to be naughty in such shoes!!!  Here is a photoblog dedicated to shoes that make me go mmmmm….

Take time to read the quotes too!

And as always, please play the music while reading the blog.  Music is what drives my creativity!!! 


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Mirror, Mirror…

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*as always, please play the music.  The music usually is what is going through my mind when I write*



Blurry stains of mascara Noir,

bleeding down flushed and burning cheeks.

My fingers tracing my face in the mirror,

how the fuck did you get here?

An evil, taunting voice inside,

reminding me how bitter life truly is.

Pretty girls don’t look this repulsive,

Smart girls don’t end up as nothing.

The bubbling rise of despair,

it beats against my skull.

It breathes,

Its feeds,

it fucks inside me,

then swallows me whole again.

Good girls don’t act like whores,

but its all about who you blow.

Fuck your Cinderella dreams,

no glass slipper or fairy fucking Godmother now.

Shadows of sleepless infidality,

encompass souless, hollow eyes of jade.

Take a good look as what you have become,

a deep breath to swallow that razor laced pill.

You wonder if they will get it right,

If the truth will be told and your ugliness revealed:

She’s a sinner, a liar, a whore,

eat you alive, fuck your mind, and leave you wanting more.

A temptress, a slut, never good enough,

So much potential, wasted life, unable to love. 

Such a pitty, she was so funny and witty,

One less cunt in the world. 

Now bend over and take it like a good girl,

it will only hurt for a moment.  

      Breath, relax, life likes to fuck nice and slow,    

Don’t bother praying, nothing can save you now.  

Walk a straight line,

Don’t cuss,

study hard.

sit still,

don’t tell, 

shut your fucking mouth.  

No use in crying after all this time,

You always knew it would end up this way.

Into You

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Quiet and illicit whispers fill my head,

twisted within your addicting kiss.

Palms pressed together in a frenzied lust,

Sex mixed with love and need.

Arching and writhing beneath your weight,

your mouth devouring my soul entirely.

Vibrations of ecstacy escape my lips,

your penetration pulling me apart.

I melt into you willingly,

under your trance, I succumb.

Teeth piercing my skin viciously,

followed by the warm and inviting caress of your kiss.

Pleasure within the depths of pain,

lost within your desire.

My eyes begging for release,

skin thrusting against skin hungrily.

Fingers grasping at silken sheets,

pressed into the soft comfort of the mattress beneath us.

Collapsing in a heap of satisfaction,

breathless and gasping as you soften inside my warmth.

Tenderly caressing my damp skin,

I drift deeper into you


John McClain and Osama Bin Laden

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I don’t write Political blogs very often although I consider myself to be extremely political.  I have strong views which many would disagree with, but that’s neither here nor there.  I have been watching the news coverage along with the rest of the world about the killing of Osama Bin Laden, public enemy #1.  He has trailed the FBI’s most wanted list for over a decade.  He is now reported as dead via U.S military efforts through “Operation Neptune‘s Star“ with “Geranimo“ as code name for Bin Laden (Wikipedia 2011,  Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 72 hours, this should be old news to you.

Now, let’s get one thing straight before I begin.  It was NOT President Obama who killed Bin Laden.  Nor was it the political machine.  It was not Counterterrorist Chief John Brennan or the CIA or FBI.  It was a group of 24 highly skilled, Navy SEALS that risked their life to bring down the most hated man America has ever seen.  Do not give credit to the political powerhouses and their agendas.  It was the bravery and duty of these individuals that brought evil to its knees on May 1st, 2011.  The men who brought us the peace and affirmation we have craved for a decade were considered expendable and not worthy of being paid nearly a month ago when the government threatened to shut down and not pay our brave soldiers.  Keep that in your mind, please.

Now, for the reasons I write this blog.  RETAILIATION.  It is not a matter of IF so much as WHEN.  It is inevitable at this stage in the game that there will be repercussions for the killing of Bin Laden.  As the old saying goes, “an eye for an eye”.  Yes, he killed thousands and sparked a war that has claimed over 6,000 casualties (these numbers are shaky as every site I looked at had varying numbers).  This DOES NOT include the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who are scarred for life from the visions of war and the families that are forever displaced.  No one will argue that this man was a heinous excuse for a human being.  Some may even go to the lengths of arguing that he is Satan, but that is another blog for another day.  Retailiation sits just on the horizon, past the thousands cheering in the street who celebrate that demise of Bin Laden and just beyond the loyal followers of his regime that wait in the dark shadows meticulously calculating their next unrelenting attack.  Believe me when I say, it will happen and I fear that we will be just as blind sided as we were nearly ten years ago that fateful sunny Tuesday morning in 2001.

The problem with retaliation isn’t the act itself, but the fallout rather.  The economically fragile United States will not be able to sustain under the pressures of another war or costly occupation.  The U.S dollar sits uncomfortably close to losing its financial credibility and my fears are that our country will crumble under the weight of yet another mass scale war on terror.  Go ahead and brave GOOGLE for the words “the fall of the U.S dollar” and take a deep breath because the internet is filled with recent concern of the economic demise of the U.S dollar in the world per capita trade.  Pretty much, I will sum it up… we are fucked.

Now, that being said, I can see many patriotic Americans and conservative right wingers puffing out their chests, fanning their big peacock feathers with that ass kicking vibrato that we as a nation are known for, shouting “you talking to me? Are you talking to me?  Yippee kiyiya motherfucker!”  This is the cocky, overzealous confidence that is America.  I love it and I hate it for all the same reasons.  We have no fear, our gusto is unmatched by any other country.  We are loud and proud and believe that the rest of the world revolves solely around our over engorged ethnocentric heads.  We are the United Mother Fucking States of America bitch!  We have country singers who croon that we will “shove a boot up your ass” and presidents who say if you don’t agree with us then fuck off!  It is that mentality that makes us strong, but it is also that mentality that could be our own undoing.

My fears lay in that vibrato, that gusto that is both endearing as well as damning.  As a nation, we simply can not fight another war.  How many more young men and women will sacrifice their lives to fight the boogieman in the shadows?  I see no end in sight and realize that terrorism and the wars that are fought in its name is nothing but a vicious game of cat and mouse.  I watched as thousands paraded the streets with their banners and joy at the news of Bin Laden’s death.  I thought back to the days and months that followed September 11th, 2001.  The Afghan people as well as the Iraqis were chastised by the world for cheering as we succumbed to weakness and watched our precious ground drip with the blood of the fallen and the innocent.  They were thirsty for our demise.  Now I watch as we make spectacle and celebrate.  I am in no way comparing that evil man to the innocence that has perished from this world, but I do feel that the notion of such is rather hypocritical on our part.

Someone once said that “revenge is a dish best served cold” and this is true.  Retaliation may not happen tomorrow or even in a year, but it will happen.  The question is, will we be ready and will we be able to withstand the economic fallout from a never ending blood feud with terrorism?

The Rain

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The Demise of Me

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Screaming Inside Pictures, Images and Photos

Go on, stand there and judge me,
you say its not contempt.
You say its not a lot of things,
but you continue to break me.
Suffering from the wound your inflicted,
I want to hate you, but I can’t.

The last beating of its pretty wings,
you watch as I beg for your love.
Pluck the silvery wings off slowly,
twisted up in knots and anger.
I was never perfect, my love,
I never wanted to be.

Am I just a fragile little plaything,
for your entertainment only?
Is this a sick game to you,
as you watch the last breaths escape.
I gave you my heart and trusted you,
loving you was my first mistake.

I miss the flutter as you told me you loved me,
the wings beating against my heart.
You showed me who I was,
or was that who you wanted me to be?
I believed in you, more than anyone,
And you have ripped my heart out once again.

Squash the delicate being underneath your foot,
Walk away and don’t look back.
You were all I ever thought I wanted,
This dull ache like death rolls within.
The stars don’t shine as bright,
My heart stops while I try to breath.

All I ever wanted was for you to be happy,
So go on, be fucking happy.


Sing me a lullaby

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***please click the youtube video for the song***

Sing Me a Lullaby

Lying in the tranquil darkness,
the pale moonlight on my skin.
Sing me a lullaby,
one of my very own
Closing my eyes peacefully,
Just you and  I in this blissful ocean.
I lose myself, drifting hazily,
the melody that seeps from your lips.
Is this a dream I’m sleeping in?
Baby, this is as real as it gets.
I fight to stay awake a little while,
But your smile lulls me still.
I just want to fall asleep in your head,
And bury myself in deep.
You’re the answer I’ve been searching for,
The product of my prayers.
I fade against the harmony,
The waves washing over my mind.
Your fingers play my body,
Your lips crash into mine.
The break of the sweet crescendo,
The taste of your soft inviting lips.
Safely tucked away,
Just you and I, in this secret place.


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An unlikely hero, you came to me,
breathing life into my tattered lungs.
Finding solace in your words,
wanting so desperately to run into your arms.
Your reassurance soothes me,
bound within your illicit embrace. 

I lose myself in your long abided desire,
dizzily, breathless, a lust that burns readily. 
Kiss me until my lips bleed raw,
breath me in until we suffocate.
I stand before you,
my heart as naked as my ivory flesh.

I am yours to feast on hungrily,
taste my vulnerability, I am yours for the taking.
Kiss my tears away,
take refuge in their salty abandon.
Let m find myself at your feet,
writhing in my need for you.

Kneeling before your ravenous gaze,
let me hypnotize your mind.
I will be your Aphrodite,
alluring sirens upon the rocks.
Put you in a trance with my voice,
devour my essence, body and soul.

I thirst for you like no other,
allow me to drink and be satisfied.
Restrained by your precautions,
let me strip away your reservations.
Let me give you all that I have,
as that is all that I have to give. 


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Reverberant pounding in my head,

Echoes of who I am.

The Liar, the Vixen, the Whore,

The Lamb for the slaughter crucified.
The Temptress, the Bitch, the Unwell,

Angelic Sinner brings her offering.

Like a drum roll marching in my veins,
The silence rips through my flesh.
Empty, fucking emptiness that stalks my heart,
Choking me violently till I succumb.
Sucking the beauty from my veins,
Leaving me heaving, breathless and starving.
Like gunshots, the pounding commences,
Threatening to devour all that is left of me.
Take the willing, leave the corpse,
Quietly slinking back to the shadows.
Throbbing cadence through my body,
The Harlot, the Harem, banished purity.
Pulsating agony that shreds my soul,
Divine divinity for the sake of vanity.
I crumble, blood soaked and wounded,
Shards of my heart pricking my fingertips.
Taste the sweetness as it spills past my lips,
Lust, Envy, Greed, Gluttony, Pride, Anger and Sloth.
Reality, a slap in the face, a broken heart,
Reaping penance for my sins.
The demons scream for blood, my blood,
For mercy to feast on until I’m weak.
Tortured little doll, frail and wilting,
A flower trapped amongst the thorns.
Running till my lungs burn raw,
Waiting for the collapse of my world.
The Fallen Angel screams for serenity,
I commit myself to the fiery burning in hell.