The Demise of Me



Screaming Inside Pictures, Images and Photos

Go on, stand there and judge me,
you say its not contempt.
You say its not a lot of things,
but you continue to break me.
Suffering from the wound your inflicted,
I want to hate you, but I can’t.

The last beating of its pretty wings,
you watch as I beg for your love.
Pluck the silvery wings off slowly,
twisted up in knots and anger.
I was never perfect, my love,
I never wanted to be.

Am I just a fragile little plaything,
for your entertainment only?
Is this a sick game to you,
as you watch the last breaths escape.
I gave you my heart and trusted you,
loving you was my first mistake.

I miss the flutter as you told me you loved me,
the wings beating against my heart.
You showed me who I was,
or was that who you wanted me to be?
I believed in you, more than anyone,
And you have ripped my heart out once again.

Squash the delicate being underneath your foot,
Walk away and don’t look back.
You were all I ever thought I wanted,
This dull ache like death rolls within.
The stars don’t shine as bright,
My heart stops while I try to breath.

All I ever wanted was for you to be happy,
So go on, be fucking happy.


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