An unlikely hero, you came to me,
breathing life into my tattered lungs.
Finding solace in your words,
wanting so desperately to run into your arms.
Your reassurance soothes me,
bound within your illicit embrace. 

I lose myself in your long abided desire,
dizzily, breathless, a lust that burns readily. 
Kiss me until my lips bleed raw,
breath me in until we suffocate.
I stand before you,
my heart as naked as my ivory flesh.

I am yours to feast on hungrily,
taste my vulnerability, I am yours for the taking.
Kiss my tears away,
take refuge in their salty abandon.
Let m find myself at your feet,
writhing in my need for you.

Kneeling before your ravenous gaze,
let me hypnotize your mind.
I will be your Aphrodite,
alluring sirens upon the rocks.
Put you in a trance with my voice,
devour my essence, body and soul.

I thirst for you like no other,
allow me to drink and be satisfied.
Restrained by your precautions,
let me strip away your reservations.
Let me give you all that I have,
as that is all that I have to give. 

3 Responses to “Restraint”

  1. Oh, my God, Sherry. That’s beautiful! Love the words–yours, most of all. You caught the feeling perfectly! Marvelous!

  2. Hope this works this time…I adored it, immensely. You managed to really find the heart of the music. Bravo!

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