Into You

Quiet and illicit whispers fill my head,

twisted within your addicting kiss.

Palms pressed together in a frenzied lust,

Sex mixed with love and need.

Arching and writhing beneath your weight,

your mouth devouring my soul entirely.

Vibrations of ecstacy escape my lips,

your penetration pulling me apart.

I melt into you willingly,

under your trance, I succumb.

Teeth piercing my skin viciously,

followed by the warm and inviting caress of your kiss.

Pleasure within the depths of pain,

lost within your desire.

My eyes begging for release,

skin thrusting against skin hungrily.

Fingers grasping at silken sheets,

pressed into the soft comfort of the mattress beneath us.

Collapsing in a heap of satisfaction,

breathless and gasping as you soften inside my warmth.

Tenderly caressing my damp skin,

I drift deeper into you


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