Mirror, Mirror…



*as always, please play the music.  The music usually is what is going through my mind when I write*



Blurry stains of mascara Noir,

bleeding down flushed and burning cheeks.

My fingers tracing my face in the mirror,

how the fuck did you get here?

An evil, taunting voice inside,

reminding me how bitter life truly is.

Pretty girls don’t look this repulsive,

Smart girls don’t end up as nothing.

The bubbling rise of despair,

it beats against my skull.

It breathes,

Its feeds,

it fucks inside me,

then swallows me whole again.

Good girls don’t act like whores,

but its all about who you blow.

Fuck your Cinderella dreams,

no glass slipper or fairy fucking Godmother now.

Shadows of sleepless infidality,

encompass souless, hollow eyes of jade.

Take a good look as what you have become,

a deep breath to swallow that razor laced pill.

You wonder if they will get it right,

If the truth will be told and your ugliness revealed:

She’s a sinner, a liar, a whore,

eat you alive, fuck your mind, and leave you wanting more.

A temptress, a slut, never good enough,

So much potential, wasted life, unable to love. 

Such a pitty, she was so funny and witty,

One less cunt in the world. 

Now bend over and take it like a good girl,

it will only hurt for a moment.  

      Breath, relax, life likes to fuck nice and slow,    

Don’t bother praying, nothing can save you now.  

Walk a straight line,

Don’t cuss,

study hard.

sit still,

don’t tell, 

shut your fucking mouth.  

No use in crying after all this time,

You always knew it would end up this way.

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