Reverberant pounding in my head,

Echoes of who I am.

The Liar, the Vixen, the Whore,

The Lamb for the slaughter crucified.
The Temptress, the Bitch, the Unwell,

Angelic Sinner brings her offering.

Like a drum roll marching in my veins,
The silence rips through my flesh.
Empty, fucking emptiness that stalks my heart,
Choking me violently till I succumb.
Sucking the beauty from my veins,
Leaving me heaving, breathless and starving.
Like gunshots, the pounding commences,
Threatening to devour all that is left of me.
Take the willing, leave the corpse,
Quietly slinking back to the shadows.
Throbbing cadence through my body,
The Harlot, the Harem, banished purity.
Pulsating agony that shreds my soul,
Divine divinity for the sake of vanity.
I crumble, blood soaked and wounded,
Shards of my heart pricking my fingertips.
Taste the sweetness as it spills past my lips,
Lust, Envy, Greed, Gluttony, Pride, Anger and Sloth.
Reality, a slap in the face, a broken heart,
Reaping penance for my sins.
The demons scream for blood, my blood,
For mercy to feast on until I’m weak.
Tortured little doll, frail and wilting,
A flower trapped amongst the thorns.
Running till my lungs burn raw,
Waiting for the collapse of my world.
The Fallen Angel screams for serenity,
I commit myself to the fiery burning in hell.

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  1. Yeah I started in when the myspace titanic crashed and burne but hadnt really dabbled in it until just no

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